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Hardwall made easy

"I have been using Rippers for 6 years every day, would not go a day without them!"

David Dawson - Plasterer

"My work is superior to my competitors because I use Rippers for my finished product!"

Mark Fonteroy - Plasterer


Painting made easy

"We spend more time painting and less time preparing now, means more $$$!"

Matt Perry - Painter

"We prep everything with the Rippers, less sanding, it's quite amazing!"

Tony Masterson - Painter


Fibre glass made easy

"With the extra flexibility Rippers dominate our other applicators"

Gary Brompton - Panel Beater

"I can't believe it, Rippers are a permanent part of my tool kit now!"

Vern Hudson - Hudo's Surf Boards


Ceilings made easy

"The ability to cut to shapes and profiles makes it a cool tool in my tool kit!"

Blake Wilson
Ceilings and Drywall Specialist


Renovating made easy

"Great applicators, I don't use any other tool on curved surfaces, perfect for cornice maintenance!"

Ryan Stewart - Gyprock Maintenance

"I've been renovating houses for 25 years. I use Rippers in everyday jobs whether I'm patching walls or grouting tiles"

Paul Anderson - Builder

"I can finish the most hard to reach places with the Rippers, it's easy!"

Karen Parker
Interior Designer and Home Renovator

"We had to move out of our rental but the kids had damaged the walls over the years. With the Rippers I patched them myself, it was easy!"

Kitt Jones - Domestic Engineer

"I use Rippers to ice my cupcakes, and for my arts and crafts, you little Ripper!"

Faith Jones - 6 years old

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Finishing Tool

Handle-Less Spatula

ApplicationsG'day, I'm Alex Jones from Palace Plastering / Ripper hardware. Today I will introduce you to the new amazing patching and finishing tools Ripper Reveals and demonstrate some of their known applications, their flexible qualities and their superior finishing properties.

The Rippers are simple tools with an incredible range of applications. First I would like to explain the back ground and original application of the Rippers. With a plastering background of over 20 years I realized a need in our industry, not so much a new idea, but an idea to professionalize tools that have been used for decades in Western Australia and if not centuries in other parts of the world. It may be as old as plastic itself, possibly older, because small flexible tools such as these could have been used in unique applications dating back to Roman or Greek times 2 millennia ago to finish some of the ancient sculptures and decorative Architecture. We can only imagine that these tools would have been an incredibly valuable part of a master craftsman's tool kit.

Not only are we professionalizing these tools but we are making them readily available to the tradesman.

People may say they're just bits of plastic, this is true, but we have researched and found the right plastic. Our little rippers are made from soft PVC which can be found available in large sheets but not professionaly cut to size to create the Little Ripper. Also after years of research and testing we found a plastic which is not only flexible but also has polishing qualities and holds good form, allowing less drag due to low surface tension. We source this plastic in China and bring it in large quantities to create the Big Ripper. Though the Big Ripper is rectangular it can be cut to any shape needed for unique applications.

We can also customize to any profile or size for any project.


Rippers1. Plasterer: Used to finish window reveals and bullnose corners also patching walls, ceilings, cornices, plaster glass and dry wall great for feathering joins. Ideal for decorative moldings can be cut to any profile for difficult shapes.

2. Painters: Perfect for patching before or after sealing walls min sanding required ideal for corners and odd shaped moldings and for getting into tight areas can be cut to shape and size for difficult areas.

3. Carpenters (fixers): To patch wood imperfections and fixing holes in moldings such as skirtings and architrave. Minimum drag and less sanding.

4. Tilers: For applying or patching grout to small areas hard to get places also for finishing beading of any silicon tube products (No more Gaps).

5. Renovators can use them to help them to achieve professional finishes in all the above applications.

6. Fibre glass can be used as resin applicators and its flexible qualities can be applied on curved surfaces (Surfboards, boats) with less overfill so less sanding is needed. Also because of flexibility any buildup on applicator is easily removed. The Rippers can be cut to get into difficult areas without cracking or splitting the applicator.

7. Pottery, ceramics, sculptures: The flexibility and its ability to hold form, to be cut to profiles or any size small tool for unique projects makes them ideal for the artist's tool kit.

8. Cake chefs: An ideal tool in the kitchen to help spread icing. Also a good tool to finish small decorations, and can be cut to any shape or profile for those intricate details for the perfect wedding cake.

These are a few applications that we have trialled the Rippers on with great success.

We have a wide range of products that Rippers have been tested on and have found them to be a superior combination (there is a few on attached flyer). We can only imagine how many applications they have limited only by its user.

You Little Ripper. Enjoy With the best,
Alex Jones

These tools are designed to be used with the tradesmans fingers. They eliminate handles having a more controlled finish giving more professional results.

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Practical uses of the Ripper