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Hardwall made easy

"I have been using Rippers for 6 years every day, would not go a day without them!"

David Dawson - Plasterer

"My work is superior to my competitors because I use Rippers for my finished product!"

Mark Fonteroy - Plasterer

Painting made easy

"We spend more time painting and less time preparing now, means more $$$!"

Matt Perry - Painter

"We prep everything with the Rippers, less sanding, it's quite amazing!"

Tony Masterson - Painter

Fibre glass made easy

"With the extra flexibility Rippers dominate our other applicators"

Gary Brompton - Panel Beater

"I can't believe it, Rippers are a permanent part of my tool kit now!"

Vern Hudson - Hudo's Surf Boards

Ceilings made easy

"The ability to cut to shapes and profiles makes it a cool tool in my tool kit!"

Blake Wilson
Ceilings and Drywall Specialist

Renovating made easy

"Great applicators, I don't use any other tool on curved surfaces, perfect for cornice maintenance!"

Ryan Stewart - Gyprock Maintenance

"I've been renovating houses for 25 years. I use Rippers in everyday jobs whether I'm patching walls or grouting tiles"

Paul Anderson - Builder

"I can finish the most hard to reach places with the Rippers, it's easy!"

Karen Parker
Interior Designer and Home Renovator

"We had to move out of our rental but the kids had damaged the walls over the years. With the Rippers I patched them myself, it was easy!"

Kitt Jones - Domestic Engineer

"I use Rippers to ice my cupcakes, and for my arts and crafts, you little Ripper!"

Faith Jones - 6 years old


Ripper Reveals have so many different applications in the Building and Construction industry, take a look at the above video to see how the Rippers can help you in your work, or personal projects.

Ripper Reveals aren't just for the tradesman, they're easy to use and extremely versatile, making touch-up jobs around the house easy.

Ripper Reveals can be used in so many different ways, as you can see by the above video. The only limit is your imagination.