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March 2013

Well the last 6 months have been incredibly busy for us even though the slow in the economy sales are still steady and our work behind the scenes to bring our product to new levels of professionalism have been tireless. Through rigorous testing earlier in the year on site and in workshops we have found more applications for the Rippers and excited about future development in different trade areas over a wider range of industries. Please find the new applications listed on our intro letter. For our existing stockists this opens sales opportunities in more markets allowing your sales staff to up-sale on more products. The Rippers can be located near more products in different isles making it more versatile allowing more opportunity to sell stock (which is great for all of us).

Examples of aisle locations

Paint store - near fillers and normal plastic spatulas and scrapers
Tool store - near trowels and metal and plastic scrapers
Trade desk - for easy up-sale
Trade - Tile Glues and grout
Trade - Plaster and Gyprock products inc Cornice and decorative mouldings
Trade - Wood mouldings and finishing’s architrave etc.
Crafts - pottery ceramics and clay modelling
Trade - fibre glassing and automotive fillers as Applicators and finishing tools

For our new stockists who specialise in other industries it's an opportunity to offer a new exciting unique product to your customers that is versatile and has been tested and proven in our trials to be a superior tool in any tool kit.

Paint Stores - near fillers and normal plastic spatulas and scrapers
Auto shops - stock with applicators of body filler and fiberglass kits
Craft shops - with ceramic and clay modelling (can be cut to shapes)
Cake and pastry Chef shops - for decorative cooking (can be cut to shapes)
E.g. Sugar Tree

New marketing strategy

Well to test the market we decided to take the Rippers out of W.A. and introduce them to a broader market at the National Trade Expo in Melbourne. Our stall had quite an exciting success rate we managed to sell the Rippers to 1 in every 5 persons that attended our stall and through all the diverse industries and trades listed above "you little Ripper". We have show bags and stickers left over and are distributing them to our existing and new customers with new orders.

We have sold over 25,000 Rippers, thank you to all our customers. We are confident with our new marketing package we will see this number increase significantly in the near future.

New marketing package includes:

Our new website for info and ordering
With application pictures and a how to do video to be uploaded in near future
New packaging with our gs1 barcode for convenience for stockists
We offer sales support to train staff to up-sale and for understanding and knowledge of our product

A new direction

We have sourced our unique plastic from new suppliers which has proven to be of great financial benefit bringing the material costs down so we are passing the savings on to our customers these will be the new prices for bulk orders.

New costs
100 units were $499 now $440 that's $4 + gst per unit that's over a 10% price reduction allowing RRP $6 with a 40% mark-up.

150 units and 200 units plus were $4.99 per unit inc gst, now $4 inc GST which is a 20% allowing RRP $5.50 with a 40% mark-up.

We are excited to bring you this update and look forward to a prosperous future with all our existing and new customers.

You Little Ripper
Enjoy With the best
Alex Jones
Any queries please don't hesitate to contact me, thank you
Mob: +61 (0) 438 887 753